September 28, 2009

First Golf Outing

One day this picture will by in Sports Illustrated with the caption of "it all started with his first trip to the golf course when he was 10 weeks old." Jeremy can't wait until Braxton is able to play golf with him!

Somethings Still Not Right

So after a few days of antibiotics Braxton developed a little rash. There I was just staring at a few little red dots on his arms so of course a call to the doctor was in our future. And of course this was Labor Day so the office was closed. The doctor on call told me to get him off of the medicine for a few days and see if the rash goes away. A few days went by and the rash went away. The follow up call to the doctor had us giving Braxton the remaining meds.

Braxton went back to daycare the Tuesday after Labor Day and everything was fine...then came Thursday. After I picked Jeremy up at work (we carpool several days a week) we got a call from the daycare saying that Braxton had developed a little rash. We asked what it looked like and they described the same rash that we had seen earlier in the week. By the time that we got to daycare I looked at him and I said to Jeremy "Get him in the car seat NOW!" What I saw on Braxton's face and arms wasn't little red dots. The teachers said "We've watched the rash grow over the past 30 minutes."

We got in the car and I started calling our doctor's office. It was 4:37P and they closed at 4:45P. Braxton was acting fine, but I was the one that was freaking out! I got a hold of the doctor's office, but I was already on my way there when they put me on hold. When we got to the office they still hadn't picked up the phone so I just hung up and started beating on the door and window. Finally they looked up and saw us. While I was signing Braxton in and paying the co-pay Braxton through up. Then ten seconds after that we heard at DISGUSTING fart. Then Jeremy looks at me with these big eyes and said "Braxton just pooped UP his shirt!" There we were with no diapers, no change of clothes, no nothing! We were taken back to the room and started cleaning him off with paper towels. The nurse brought in a diaper from another patient. Braxton usually wore a size 1 diaper and the diaper that we had just been given was a size 4. The doctors came in to see him and they decided that it wasn't a reaction to the medicine. If it had been that then he would have had the rash all over his body instead of just on exposed areas. The doctors also didn't want to label Braxton with a penicillin allergy. They asked if he had been out side and exposed to the sun. We called the daycare to confirm that he hadn't been outside, and he hadn't. They didn't think that it was a bug bite because it was on several parts of his body. The verdict was that it was a topical allergic reaction and Benedryal was the prescription. What an amazing drug! Within 15 minutes the rash was gone and I mean completly gone!

Somethings Not Right

Braxton has been changing up his cries on us lately, but he wasn't acting "sick." However, my mom instincts knew that something just wasn't right. So on Saturday morning I took B to the doctor's office and sure enough, after only a few short weeks at daycare he had his first ear infection. Here comes the pink stuff!

Trying Out New Toys

Gi Gi and Pops bought Braxton a sit and play several weeks ago and he is starting to use it.

Well, Braxton is kinda using it. His feet can't exactly touch the bottom, but they will soon enough.

Recently I went to Goodwill and I found a toy that only needed new batteries so for a $1.50 why not try the toy out.

The Many Faces of B

Best Status Update EVER!

I just logged onto Facebook and I saw the best status update EVER...

Karen Gobble thinks that Braxton Head is the cutest thing ever!
59 minutes ago
Beth Dawkins Huckaby likes this.

Thanks Karen, you have made my week!

September 27, 2009

And Another One Bites The Dust

Braxton's tummy time mat had been in the living room floor for over a month. I guess that it had been too much temptation for Bruiser and he couldn't take it anymore. I had come home from shopping and Bruiser didn't meet me at the door. When this happens it only means one thing...Bruiser has done something BAD! I walked into the living room to find Bruiser chewing up the plastic mirror from the mat. I quickly let Bruiser know that I was not happy about it! When Jeremy came home from golfing I showed him the pieces he was upset with Bruiser, but not as much as I was. Bruiser started to follow me everywhere that I went and soon enough he almost made me trip over him. I got a magazine and popped him a few times with it. What do I find Jeremy doing a moment later... I find him loving all over Bruiser. Thanks for the back up on discipline! Better luck with Braxton, huh?

A few hours later while Braxton was taking a nap in his room I see Bruiser go to his door and leave him a toy. I swear to you that this photo was NOT staged! I think that Bruiser realized that he had done something wrong and he didn't want Braxton to be mad at him.

Class of 2027

Jeremy and I both came out of college with several student loans. We know that debt is a part of the average college student's life, but we are hoping to eliminate most of Braxton's possible debt. (Aren't we great parents?!) Earlier in the year Jeremy and I started our investment funds for retirement with Bobby Lee Harris at Edward Jones so we went back to him for Braxton's college fund. Bobby Lee ran a report that said it was going to cost over $180,000 for Braxton to attend MTSU! No, that number wasn't for Vandy, just plain ol' MTSU. We started the fund with some money that we got for Braxton from Gi Gi, Pops, Great-Grandma and a few other people. We have asked the grandparents that instead of gifts at Christmas, birthday, etc. that they just deposit money into his college fund instead. We are excited to know that they have agreeded to the idea. Braxton will also be excited (later in life) to know that instead of him getting a little toy that he was going to get tired of after a week that we were thinking and investing in his future.
While we were at the Edward Jones office we had visitors!

Paci Love

We didn't push the paci on Braxton, but we didn't deny him either. When he doesn't want it he let's you that he doesn't want it. However, when he wants it (like the picture shows) he uses his death grip.

Coming Home

When we dropped Braxton off in the morning I only teared up a little bit. The reason why I was crying wasn't because I didn't want to go back to work (I love cj and cj loves me) and it wasn't because I would miss Baby B terribly (even though I did). The reason why I teared up was because when I bent down to kiss him goodbye the daycare worker (who my boss now calls Smokey) smelled like cigarette smoke. "Oh great, an ear infection is just around the corner for us" is what I thought. (Since I am soooo far behind on blogging I can call that statement foreshadowing.) I only called the daycare once that day to check on him. They told me that he was a little fussy, but that he was doing okay. When 3:59P came rolling around I already had my stuff packed up and ready to go. We had dropped Braxton off at 6A and I was beyond ready to see him!

When we walked into the Gumdrop Room (they name the different ages different types of candy) Baby B was wailing! We quickly picked him up and he calmed down. The daycare worker (not Smokey) told us that they could tell the he was use to being held most of the day. Nope! I'm not going to apologize for that! They will just have to get over it and Braxton will slowly learn that he can't be held all day long.

Not only was it a long day for Braxton, but Bruiser too! Jeremy and I had talked about what we thought Brusier would think when all of a sudden Braxton and I weren't at home during the day. Obviously Bruiser didn't enjoy it as much as we thought because he was waiting by the front door when we got home.

Gingerbread House Here We Come

This is the way that we found Braxton when we went to wake him up for the first day of daycare. (Yeah, I know...I should probably get a bumper pad.) Anyways, Braxton is such a morning person. He looks at you every morning with these great big brown eyes and a smile that says "I'm so happy to see you again!" Gosh I hope that attitude cares on through his teenage years!
I have had his first day outfit picked out since before he was born. I found a shirt at The Children's Place that said "Mr. Popular." I figured that Braxton should walk (or actually be carried) into daycare and and let everyone know exactly who he was. :)

Jeremy dressed Braxton and somehow managed to get drooled on.
So now that we are all dressed it is off to daycare!
And here we are

Braxton-I don't know what the day had instore for you, but I do hope that it goes smoothly!

Stupid Work!!

I think that I am going to quit work!
Well, no not really, I just haven't had time to blog like I wanted to.
Have no fear...I'm back and so are new photos and new happenings with Braxton! :)