June 30, 2009

Stupid Car Seat!!

Jeremy and I are both college educated people, but putting together baby furniture and installing the car seat gave us several challenges! Here are a few pictures of Jeremy trying to install the car seat. (We might as well have been reading the instructions in Spanish!)
We finally got the car seat “installed,” but I still wanted to get it checked out. Jeremy was able to take the Trail Blazer to Smyrna’s Police Department to have it checked out.

*The following is a PSA brought to you by Braxton Head: If you are unsure about the installation of your child’s car seat please go to http://www.seatcheck.org/ to find the location nearest you to get the seat checked out.

A note from my Aunt Beth: "Wait 'till he is about 2 and he will be able to manage escaping from the car seat in record time with no college education."

Thanks for the warning!

The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For...

June 15, 2009

The Letter of the Day is "C"

The Letter of the Day is "C" and it is brought to you by Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

Why start with the letter "C" and not "A" or "B"?
Well, you can't spell Cesarean without "C"

Yes, you heard that right. I will be having a C-Section on June 24th at 9:30A. After talking with my doctor at the last two appointments we all came to the conclusion that a C-Section would be the best choice for Braxton and I. Without going into all of the details, Dr. Norman said that even after 24 hours of labor that my chances of having to have a C-Section would still very high.

Let's look at the Pros of having a Cesarean...
-Braxton will have a perfectly shaped head. (This is a BIG pro considering that both Jeremy and I were born with cone-shaped heads.)
-I get 2 additional weeks of short-term disability pay.
-It's a far more controlled environment then "regular" delivery.

Please feel free to add pros of a C-Section. If you have a bad story or you want to discourage my C-Section decision...please don't! I just need love, support and prayers right now. If I want to freak myself out about the C-Section I'll Google it. :)

June 14, 2009

Bruiser vs. Braxton's Toys-Round One

As a follow up to the post Bruiser's Toys vs. Braxton's Toys....

The other day Jeremy stayed home from work and he heard Bruiser chewing on something and thought nothing of it. Lately, Bruiser has been playing with his toys more. Then Jeremy got up from the couch and saw what Bruiser had been chewing on. "Bruiser, Mommy is going to be sooooooooooooo mad at you!" is what came out of Jeremy's mouth. And boy was Jeremy right! On a recent shopping trip I bought a Cat in the Hat stuff animal. I had gotten the Cat in the Hat book at a baby shower and I thought that the stuff animal was a great addition to the book. The Cat's tail, ears and tie were all soaked with slobber! Also, the seam on the back was ripped opened.

Honestly, I'm not surprised that Bruiser got a hold of a toy. What I am surprised about is what all he went through to get to The Cat in the Hat. Bruiser went into Braxton's room grabbed the stuff animal from the chair and took into the living room to chew on.

Oh wait...if you thought that the story ended there you were wrong. After I got home and yelled at Bruiser about chewing on things that aren't his I put Cat in the Hat in our dirty laundry basket to wash later. About 30 minutes later I come from the kitchen into the living room and I see that Bruiser is chewing on The Cat AGAIN!! Bruiser had somehow gotten The Cat out of our laundry basket in our bedroom and brought him into the living room.

I'm not sure if The Cat in the Hat is going to make it until Braxton's arrival, in ten days!!

Lazy Days Before Braxton

It's Noon Sunday...I'm just now getting out of the shower, Jeremy and Bruiser are both taking a nap on the couch. Yes, these are the lazy days before Braxton that we need to be taking advantage of!

June 9, 2009

A letter to Braxton

Braxton, You're momma and daddy are ready for you! Furniture has been put together,

decorations have been hung on your bedroom walls,

clothes are bought and washed, the bed is made and the diaper bag is packed. So we are ready when you are!

Save the Date-Shower Version

Maternity Photo Opp

Last night our favorite photographer, Sarah Gilliam, came over to take maternity pics. Sarah has been behind the camera for the BIG milestones in mine and Jeremy's relationship. Here is a sampling of the photos that she took.

Owensboro Baby Shower

After checking with the Doc, the Owensboro shower was still on.
Jeremy, his mom and myself drove up to Owensboro, Kentucky this past Sunday. Not only did Braxton get some great gifts from my friends and family, but I also got another great soundbite from my mom. While we were eating at Moonlite Bar-B-Q my mom started a sentence that no matter how she finished it, the sentence wasn't going to be good. "I was so disappointed after you were born...." I looked at her and pondered what could possibly be coming next. Could it be that I didn't have hair when I was born? Could it be that I looked kinda like a cone head after birth? What could she possibly say? My mom's conclusion was "...because I didn't loose all of the weight right away." Thanks Mom, you always know exactly what to say at just the right time. :)

You may be wondering what Jeremy did while the shower was going on. Yeah, you guessed it! Jeremy, Dewayne and my Uncle Barney all went and played golf.

Bruiser checking out one of Braxton's new toys. Thanks Jessica and Morgan!

Due Date Update

We thought that July 11th was so far away when we first heard that date back in November. Then the date was June 28th-30th when we found out about the Cholestasis. On Monday came the date of June 24th. That is in two weeks! It's not like I thought that I would be pregnant for the rest of my life, I knew that there would eventually be a conclusion to the pregnancy. I just thought that I had a little bit more time is all.

My lab work looks better then when I first went in about the itching. Braxton's ultrasounds are looking good and his heart rate is great. He is also passing the non-stress tests with flying colors. (Something that I bet Jeremy and I couldn't do right now.) However, there are still complications that can happen and my doctor wants to play on the side of caution. Good call Doc!

So what's my favorite question that I am currently being asked? "Are you ready?" Well...why not! It's not like in those extra 2 1/2 weeks (between my original due date and June 24th) I was going to gain some great insight into Motherhood.