March 31, 2009

A Shopping Trip With Jeremy

Jeremy amuses me everyday of my life with him! Last night on a grocery shopping trip we found ourselves in the cereal isle. Jeremy chooses the box of Captain Crunch (generic of course, since we are saving for the baby). "Seriously?! How old do you think you are?" was my comment. In turn Jeremy said, "What?! Do you want me to eat Grape Nuts?" Well are turning 30 in a few short months. :)

March 27, 2009

This Week's Wrap Up

Tuesday was our 2nd wedding anniversary and our latest doctor visit. Everything is going good for everyone. Braxton is now 1 lb, 10 oz. I will not tell you what I am weighing, so don't even ask. I will say that I got yelled at (kinda). I remember during my first doctor's visit after we found out that I was pregnant. The doctor told me that she really didn't want me to gain more than 25 pounds during my pregnancy. I laughed and said, "I gained that last year without being pregnant." I now I realize why she didn't laugh. I need to exercise more. Well, let's be honest...I need to just start exercising. Yes, I know all of the reasons why I need to be walking while pregnant, I just haven't....ummm....found time. Yeah, let's go with that excuse. What happened to that active girl in High School? Mark my words, I'll find her again (one day)!

What's In A Name?

Check out my new title! I got my official promotion this week. I just wanted to brag a little on myself. :)

Lauren Head
cj Advertising
Media Buyer
Phone/Fax: 615.296.1064

I sent this message out via email a little earlier today. Here are some of my favorite responses to my news. (They are in no particular order of preference.)

  • (Your) moving up like the Jefferson's.
  • Wow, you're so important I don't even know what you do!
  • Awww shoot, Lauren doing big things!

March 15, 2009

Let's Play Catch-Up

When Jeremy and I told everyone that we were pregnant we got the usual congrats. However, along with the hugs we also got "Now you have to start a blog!" So here we go, this is for you Sarah. :)

Let's play catch-up...

In January 2006 I moved from Kentucky to Tennessee after graduating a month earlier from Murray State University. Jeremy and I met (via MySpace) in February. We quickly added to our family in May with the addition of Bruiser Balentine Head. Also in May I started a new (and much improved) job with cj Advertising. Jeremy proposed (and I obviously said yes) in June. We bought a house in December. Then in March of 2007 we got married. So all was calm in our life, for a while anyways. Skipping ahead to November 2008....that is when we learned that there was going to be another addition to the family. This time it wasn't going to be another dog; we were going to be parents!

Well, that should just about catch you up to where Jeremy, Lauren, Braxton and Bruiser are today.