January 30, 2010

Playtime and Naptime

Christmas Time in Owensboro

We made our way to Owensboro for a Christmas get together at my Uncle Larry and Aunt Linda's house. It was the first time in a long time that my Owensboro family got to see Braxton.

Uncle Larry and Braxton were having an in depth conversation.

I think that Uncle Andrew was trying to place Braxton on top of the tree to be the tree topper.

January 29, 2010

Cookies with Santa

There is a group at the church I attend called Mommies of St. Mark. The first event for this group was Cookies with Santa. I got off of work, grabbed B at daycare and then we were on our way to Murfreesboro.

After photos were taken with Santa, Rachel read a book to us about the first Christmas. When she went to show us the pictures Braxton made an excited sound. Rachel thanked him for his enthusiasm. Yeah, that was my boy getting all excited about books. Guess I'm doing something right in motherhood.

Sitting Up

Braxton is doing a lot of sitting up by himself now. Here is a pic of one of the first times that Braxton sat up by himself. Braxton got all excited about something that happened on Sprout TV so a second after the photo was taken he fell backwards. (We are still working on the staying up part of sitting up.)

The Three Little Bears

One Saturday morning Jeremy, Braxton and I all had cereal for breakfast. For some reason it reminded me of The Three Little Bears. :)


At Thanksgiving last year Jeremy was saying the prayer and he said an extra prayer for the new life that was going to be joining us...and that is how we told our family that we were pregnant. Fast forward a year and Braxton is here with us all safe and sound. No we didn't surprise our family again this year with news. (I'm not sure if they were happy or sad about that.)

We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house for the third year in a row. Friends told me that I was crazy to offer my house for Thanksgiving, but I wouldn't have it any other way. (It was hard enough to travel when it was just me, Jeremy and Bruiser.) We had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all of the fixings. Braxton even got in on the festivities.

After we ate all that we could eat, we watch a little Titan football and then it was nap time.

Braxton is Walking!!!

No, he really isn't walking yet. It's just been forever (3 months or so) since my last blog update so it is a good possibility that he could be by now. Enjoy the updates!